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Brand Ambassadors

We are always looking for brand ambassadors!

To be a brand ambassador you are required to... 

  • be able to network 

  • be social media friendly 

  • wear nails or receive services from Diamond’s NailBar. 

  • have a social media following of 500 or more. 

As a brand ambassador, you must...

  • make a company related post on social media at least once a week.  

  • keep your post up on the social media site that you use (NOT YOUR STORY).  

  • wear a company T-Shirt for promoting the business and to business meetings.  

  • refer at least three clients monthly. 

A Brand Ambassador will also receive a personal promo code to give to potential clients. Clients will be able to use the code once within the year it is given. Brand ambassadors must also promote their code in their posts WITHOUT POSTING THE CODE. Clients must dm for code. 

As a brand ambassador, you will receive...

  • free birthday sets  

  • a Diamond’s NailBar T-Shirts.  

  • 30% off total services

Meet the team!

Smiling Young Woman


Hair Technician

With an impressive background and ceaseless passion for helping others, Alex Smith is the perfect fit for this position. Their personalized, results-oriented approach has made a huge impact on countless clients.

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